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    Did you scratch the surface of this sepcimen?
    It might have turned reddish after injuring. If so, it could be Physisporinus sanguinolentus. If not, it is soemthing else. I'm afraid, also those resupinate, whitisch, poroid fungi are impossible to determine without microscopic investigation.

    LG; Pablo.

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    "meaty" means thicker, more sappy and gelatinized?
    That depends... Mostly weatherconditions, growthrate, age of the basidiocarps...
    Dont trust Google images too much: A lot of pictures are named wrong. :wink:

    It is also something completely different to just compare pictures, than to examine a fresh Fungus including smelling, feeling...

    But - as I said - these resupinate poroid funghi are quite complicated - and it is necessary, to observe them microscopically.

    LG, Pablo.